Redwoods and Seastacks

Join Matt Meisenheimer and Cody Wilson as they take you to their favorite spots in the Redwoods and Southern Oregon.
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Redwoods and Seascapes

Join us as we thoroughly explore all that Northern California and Southern Oregon have to offer.  We will visit over 100 miles of coastline and forest searching for the best compositions and conditions for shooting landscape photography.  

Looking up into foggy redwood trees
Peak Rhododendron

The first week of June is the best time to catch the forest blanketed in pink Rhododendron blooms!


Late Spring is a photographers paradise in Northern Califorina.  Rolling fog and fully bloomed flowers make for endless composition opportunity.

From Forest...
_DSC0311-copy Sea


Matt Meisenheimer is a photographer based in Wisconsin.  His artistry revolves around exploring the wilderness and constantly seeking out new adventures. He strives to capture those brief moments of dramatic light and weather, which make our grand landscapes so special.  Matt loves the process of photography – everything from planning trips and scouting locations, to taking the shot in the field, to post-processing the final image.
Matt is an active adventurer and wildlife enthusiast as well. He holds a degree in wildlife ecology and worked in Denali National Park and Mount Rainier National Park as a biologist. He also spent 6 months working in the deserts of Namibia before finding his path in photography.
Matt is incredibly passionate about instruction. It is his goal to give his clients the technical and creative knowledge they need to achieve their own photographic vision. He truly enjoys working with photographers on a personal level and helping them reach their goals.


Cody is a published photographer, travel author and guide for multiple workshop companies.  His love for photography has taken him on journeys across the world. Cody shares a love for the artistic side of photography and isn't afraid to spend hours post-processing to achieve a desired final result.

Cody actively contributes to various photographic communities, makes videos and interacts with anyone willing to inquire on Instagram. 


What's Included

  • Expert Instruction and camera knowledge

  • Compositional assistance and guidance

  • Scouting and guiding to incredible locations

Matt and Cody's Redwood Expedition

Your deposit is 97% refundable until March 31, 2020.  After that time, we can release 50% until April 30, at which time your deposit and payment are non-refundable.


From June 5 to June 9, we'll have five days to explore and chase the best weather from Big Lagoon, California to Pistol River, Oregon.  Our home base will be the centrally located, Crescent City, California.  The itinerary is kept flexible to account for weather and current conditions.  Expert forecasting, group consensus and tides will dictate our final itinerary.  

We will be shooting sunrise, sunset, and foggy forests from a variety of locations including the tallest grove of Redwoods in the world, haystack beaches, rhododendron-blanketed forests, and lesser-known waterfalls along the Southern Oregon Coast.  During the day we will be going over post-processing as well as critique sessions.  There will also be a few hours during the day to rest and download your images. 

Example Itinierary

Day One (June 5) - We will meet at noon for introductions and a brief presentation of what to expect to see in the upcoming days.  We will then head out for a sunset shoot followed by an optional dinner at a restaurant in Crescent City.

Day Two (June 6) - The forecast calls for fog at high elevations in the hills East of Crescent City.  We wake up early to head to the foggy location which is blooming with lupine in meadows surrounded by mysterious towering trees.  With the dense fog, we stay and shoot until it lifts around mid-day.  We make a trip back to Crescent City to eat and prepare for sunset shooting on the coast.  We get our waders and head to a section of beach with tide pools and rocky spires.

Day Three (June 7) - After an exhausting first full day, we see clear skies are forecasted in the morning so we sleep in to save our energy.  After breakfast and our first processing session, we head to a dense section of the Redwood forest.  Our goal is to shoot magenta rhododendron blooms contrasted in the deep greens of the old-growth forest.  We stay late to shoot sunset colors before returning again to Crescent City for an optional dinner.


Example Itinierary (continued)

Day Four (June 8) - Dense coastal fog draws us back into the Redwood forest.  We spend the entire morning hopping between groves of giants as fog rolls in and out of the forest.  A break for lunch takes us away from shooting before we head North to Brookings, Oregon to shoot sea stacks and hope for a blazing sunset.  Our locations are remote pullouts rarely trafficked by distracting tourists.  Most of the beach will be ours to hunt compositions and enjoy the illustriousness of the Pacific Ocean.

Day Five (June 9) - Our last morning shoot is decided by group consensus based on weather and enjoyment levels from days prior.  As it turns out, most of the group would love another shot at the lupine fields in the Eastern hills.  We ascend into the foggy, flower-laden fields and shoot for hours before returning to Crescent City.  One last processing session and final goodbyes conclude the tour.



What to Bring
Camera (or Two!)

The first is obvious; but, a backup camera body is highly recommended!

Laptop Computer

In addition to creating daily backups, we'll be using laptops for processing sessions.

Sturdy Tripod

Almost all of our locations benefit or requireshooting with a tripod.

Cable Release

In the forest, lost in fog, or along the coast, we're aiming to elilminate camera shake.


Bring ample card space and hard drive space for your images. 


A circular polarizer is a MUST! Neutral Density filters will also allow for creative compositions. 



Dongchen Li


The workshop leaders Cody and Kevin were incredible. They revised the schedule daily according to the weather to make sure which location is the best one to visit. They did not only lead you to the location and let you shoot but helped advise the compositions and set the parameters.

Particularly, I want to mention the processing sessions. Of course they shared some post-processing skills, but more importantly they let the sessions fit the workshop.

For example, there was a night when we were scheduled to shoot the lake Powell with the milky way. However, all the participants had no such night shooting experience. Cody and Kevin used two hours before the shooting to explain the way to shoot that specific subject - they let us know how many shots we need for the pano according to our lenses; how many photos you need to denoise; how to carefully tilt the camera to avoid images unable to be merged to a pano in the post-process; and how to set each exposure parameter to obtain usable images. On the second day, they held another session to show us how to make the pano and combine the sky and foreground. These were really useful. Cody and Kevin do know how to help people and can guarantee a fruitful workshop.

Puru P


Cody took us out through some crazy terrain and spent a lot of time from the golden hour till it was dark to ensure I got the best photos in varying light conditions of the magical landscape. He scouted great spots and I really enjoyed being out there with a fellow photographer who shared his passion about trying to interpret and capture the sense of awe one feels in a dramatic landscape such as this. We enjoyed his sense of humor which made the whole drive out there and back very entertaining.

Fred W


Cody was knowledgeable, patient when necessary, motivational when helpful, and driving when we needed to move or climb to get the next good shot, all while leading me to great areas, but also letting me find my own final locations often enough to allow the shots to be truly mine. The images I captured on this trip are some of the best I have ever taken (in decades of photography), and some of the hints and advice I was given helped me out in the following days in Arizona and Utah. I have nothing but (golden late afternoon) glowing praise for the experience